Production of Accessories for Vineyards and Orchards


Vignatech - Accessories for Vineyards is always available to our distributors and customers, has to provide technical advice on all materials for vineyards and orchards

Our mission

Our mission is to provide support to our distributors who in turn can respond quickly to our customers.

Abaut us

"Vigna Tech" comes from an idea of three friends who share a great passion: viticulture. Our pilot project starts from a vineyard for rent in San Marzano Oliveto (AT), where our ideas take shape and where about 2 hectares of land, we try to cultivate by experimenting with new ideas and values very dear to all of us, one on all sustainability.

Our Products

We produce with the best materials, Accessories for Vineyards and Orchards such as: spacer springs for metal, concrete and wood poles hooks for stake of any size, tree binder.