Shelter biodegradable

100% BIODEGRADABLE SHELTER gr.356/Mq duration 36 months

Composed of 100% virgin fiber of pine from the moors of Gascony unbleached to limit the use of chemicals, the fibers retain the original color of the wood, adapt naturally to the environment, BIO safety.

Characteristics: anti-rodents; anti-herbicide; anti-heatstroke; anti-laceration. it can be used with all types of vines and fruit plants (peaches, apples, pears, olive trees, hazelnuts). exceptional resistance of the sleeve to bad weather: strong sunshine, rain, wind.

An ecological and economic protection.

Without collection and without pollution.

A natural and durable alternative to plastic.

Availability: H 40 - H 50 - H 60 cm


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Biodegradable shelter

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