Thanks to our partnerships, we also supply specialized consulting in implanting such as:


• Gps Marking out

• Setting up and Marking out

• Manual and Mechanical Plants Laying

• Posts and Anchors Laying

• Spreading of Wire & Accessories to complete the plant

• Root Stock Life Warranty



We can Select for yu the best products and services on the market such as:

  • Accessories for Vineyarsd
  • Vineyards & Orchards Posts
  • Wire for Vineyards and Orchards
  • Anit-Hail System Trump
  • Machinery for Vineyards
  • Oak Baskets
  • Oak Barrels
  • Wirehoods
  • Vineyards posts
  • Tehcnical Consulting for Vineyards


Through our collaborators, we can provide our customers with the "Turnkey" service: Square and measurement of the land, installation of the bearing structure of the vineyards, application of wires and accessories, and planting (manual or mechanical). Possibility of carrying out all these works in Italy and abroad after evaluating the number of hectares to be carried out.



Guyot system diagram
Fibroplastic stake
Metal post for vineyards