Our Mission

When we thought of giving birth to "Vigna Tech" we thought about the technology associated with the vineyard: today we live in an era that exists so much not to say too much confusion on the market.

Vigna Tech wants to address its customers and all those who want to install and use quality material but above all understand what the market offers and surrounds them so as not to stumble the "false" products.



Vigna Tech has embraced the quality line and wants to propose  a producer of poles, wires, accessories, anchors, realizations of plants big quality of orchards and its own Zeolite Chabasite activated for the treatment of any type of agricultural crop. For Vigna Tech it is of fundamental importance to eliminate or at least drastically reduce the use of plant protection products, pesticides, herbicides, etc. that every day pollute our land and also reflex ourselves.


Harpoon crapal
Biological Shelter