The most natural material to protect the growth of your Plants!


Biological base paper from a renewable natural resource, and 100% PEFC ™ certified; from sustainably managed forests.


French manufacturing, local resources and short supply chain:

- forest - wood - pulp - paper - processing - distribution 100% virgin pine fiber from the Gascogne moors not bleached to limit the use of chemicals, the fibers retain the original color of the wood, and adapt naturally in the environment; BIO safety. Kalysack ™ natural kraft: quality with high mechanical properties with special resistance to moisture and water. Ecological: mono-material, biodegradable and recyclable.

Bisodisac shelter biodegradable
Vignatech shelter biodegradable

100% effective
Anti-heat stroke
Adaptable: it can be used with all types of vines and fruit seedlings (peaches, apples, pears and also olive and hazelnut trees)

... 100% natural!!!!!
BIO product, manufactured using natural and non-fossil raw materials
Certifiée gestion forestière durable PEFC ™
Biodegradable: duration up to a maximum of 3 years (degradable naturally in 2 months, if buried)

... 100% French
Patent and registered trademark in France
Origin, production and transformation in France
Innovation awarded in numerous Fairs and Exhibitions



Exceptional Strength of the sleeve to the bad weather
Strong sunshine: avoids the greenhouse effect, the plant breathes

Rain: the paper is treated to preserve its rigid structure, even if wet.

Wind: reinforced material not to be damaged by strong winds.

For better growth of vine seedlings and other fruit plants