"Gancito" is the only hook mod. registered internationally, which allows the elimination of tying in the vineyard. Vignatech, attentive to the innovations on the market, is proud to represent INOXHERO for Piedmont with the entire production range, in particular the new arrival: Gancito is the only hook which, positioned on the supporting wire in the vineyard, allows you to completely eliminate the use of agricultural tubes and electric tying machines resulting in considerable savings.

Gancito and its benefits:

1) the shoot is not strangled or, without the aid of a binding made of plastic or ferrous material, the shoot is not compressed/obstructed at any point, leaving the free passage of the sap, vital for the good life of the plant.

2) we eliminate all types of bindings, both plastic and with electrical equipment

3) We eliminate very expensive personnel for these operations

4) pollution 0 zero environmental impact

5) During the pruning period, three people are normally used to carry out this operation: with Gancito, once the cuts have been made, one person immediately turns the shoot into the hook while the wood can be eliminated with pre-pruners (I removed it directly from the operator)

6) Stainless material, therefore very long lasting

7) It does not detach from the wire when operating machines, such as harvesters, peelers, etc. pass 😎 Reusable in other systems if the current one is decommissioned.

8) It does not release any type of chemical agents into the soil.


Registered trademark from INOXHERO

Production of the Accessories for Vineyards
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