Shock absorber collar mod. "SPRIZ"

The shock absorber collar mod."Spriz" has the ability to save time in the management of the greenery in the vineyard therefore "MONEY": Spriz can be installed in any type of system, whether it has wooden, concrete or metal poles, even with steep slopes or unevenness and makes sure that the double containment wires are mobile and therefore can follow the vegetation during the growth period. This accessory is combined with "MECHANIZED" vineyards in every phase, i.e. from the management of the greenery to the pruning when the wires are lowered again. Spriz is made up of three elements: head support (i.e. built in stainless steel and embraces the head), compression spring and the front part (a reinforcing stainless steel plate) which works in team with two Gripple wire splices, with the following advantages:


- Quick and easy installation (only one person)

- Gripples keep the wires taut

- Assembly does not require any particular key


Spriz is available: for systems with rows that do not exceed 100 m. and for rows over 100 m. in length: the difference that distinguishes them is the central body which gives more or less stiffness to the spring and provides the right tension on the containment wires.


"Spriz" is the sturdiest and most performing on the market, IT DOES NOT DEFORM ON THE FRONT PART and does not require locking stops.

Tension compensator (shock absorber tensioner)