Vineyards poles for Vineyards

In modern viticulture, different types of metal posts are used, both as intermediate and end posts. Their lightness associated with the characteristics of steel make metal posts for vineyards more performing and lasting beyond the life of the vineyard. Agility in the installation phase, they are easier to handle and with the possibility of installing different types of accessories. There are different thicknesses and types of materials used for every need and for every type of system.Vignatech selects the vineyard post according to your needs and takes care of all the export documentation.


There are different types of materials:


- Pre-Galvanided

- Hot Galvanized

- Cor-Ten


Pre galvanized


The pre-galvanized pole derives from flat rolled steel on which a metallic coating is deposited through a continuous immersion galvanizing process. The purpose of the coating is to offer the base metal adequate protection against corrosion, due, for example, to atmospheric agents.



Corten poles

Corten steel forms a natural oxidation on the surface which gives the post a particular burnished colour. It is normally supplied with a thickness of 1.8 mm which guarantees superior resistance and better capacity both at the tip (excellent for stony terrain) and laterally. We recommend the use of a tar treatment or partial zinc plating for the underground part. Available for end caps and all types of intermediate piles. On request also in other thicknesses.

Hot galvanized

Hot galvanized P5




Hot-dip galvanizing is an anti-corrosion treatment of steel which is applied by immersing the posts in a bath of molten zinc after a series of pre-treatments.

Different types of hooks

Artos Meiser


The hallmark of post C are the outer hooks, which are drilled obliquely and then straightened. This facilitates work in the vineyard by ensuring that the hooks do not get stuck in the holes during mechanical work in the vineyard. An additional beading gives the hooks a very high stability. Thanks to their nature, they are ideal for both manual and mechanical processing in vineyards. To meet all production needs, the manufacturer this pole in 3 different sections. Like most posts, it can be used for fruit growing and fencing.

Metal poles with internal hook


The unique shape of the profile gives the E post high stability and high torsional stiffness. To meet the most varied needs, we offer the pole with 3 different types of internal eyelets/hooks and 4 profile widths. These poles are particularly stable thanks to the special profiling and are able to withstand any stress. Depending on the shape of the hook, they are suitable for both stationary and mobile wire management