Capovolto plant

It is also called Cappuccina, it comes from Guyot  but it is considered as a separate type of culture. It is different from the Guyot as the head bended towards the row is not straight  but it forms an arch.


This changement was made in order to avoid those vegetative lacks of balance which are typical of the Guyot as the sweep of the arch modifies the circulation of the sap slowing down its run in the central parts.


This is the cause of the big growing of the median first fruits which have normally in the Guyot a bad development. The Capovolto is well used in the variety  of the winged bunches as the sweep of the shoot avoids the contact between the bunches’ wings and at the same time it allows a good ventilation among them. On the other hand  the stagnation and the humidity can cause sanitary problems.  


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Capovolto plants
Doppio capovolto plants