Cordone libero mobil plants

It is a different version in comparison to Cordone Libero, it can be totally mechanized, and it was created in order to make the pruning through the vertical shaking (which is better from the quality point of view as it is less traumatic for the vines and the supporting structures). Each pot has a movable cover on the top, a supporting wire runs inside this cover, and this wire allows the movement along the vertical axle.


This method avoids the conctact among grapes and the mechanical parts which are in movement, you have less damage of the raw material as a matter of fact the final product is more intact. From the cultural point of view it stands out from the Cordone libero owing to the vertical stem which is not properly straight but has a classic sweep which allows the vertical swinging of the buds and makes the structure become more flexible.
The horizontal cord (the one with the spurs) can very often be longer than the following one and it seems to create a unique big cord running all along the row.


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Cordone libero mobile
Cordone libero mobile