Cordone libero plant

This type of culture was thought in relation to the mechanization of the cultivations: it consists of a permanent horizontal cord, generally placed at a 1,3-1,7 cm height, which is pruned  as spurs with 1-3 buds oriented towards the height.


This system is very particular as it doesn’t have supporting wires apart the spiral wire which brings the cord, for this reason the growth falls towards the ground. The wine-growing quality we obtain from this type of culture  is very high, as the quantity of buds left with the winter pruning is very low and the spurs’ dimension is reduced, all this determines an optimal lymphatic distribution inside the vine.


This system can be used both on plain or hill but the gradient and the spaces must be covered and they must allow the use of the operating machines.


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Cordone libero
Cordone libero plant