Cordone speronato plants

It is one of the most widespread culture both on hills and plain as it combines the grapes production of high quality together with the possibility of mechanizing all the cultural procedures.


It consists of a 60/120 cm height stem which goes on in a permanent horizontal cord: on this cord some spurs with 1-3 buds  are put at the distance of 15-30 cm, the spurs will produce the first fruits. The reduced dimension of the spurs doesn’t allow the  coming out of some phenomenas as apical dominance and it creates a good vegetative equilibrium and a good contemporaneousness of ripening.


On the other hand being a system which applies extremely short pruning, it is more suitable for those varieties which have a good basal fertility even though in the last years it is used in any kind of vines.


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Cordone speronaton plant
Cordone speronato plants