Guyot plants

It is a type of plant suitable for those vineyards with limited growth, it was created in France in the middle of the 19th century. I consists of a vertical section of 50-120 cm  bearing a vine shoot with 8/15 buds which is horizontally  placed along the rows and one or two spurs which have to produce the vine shoot for the next year. This type of system is suitable both on  hills and  plain and it is particularly good for  dry and not so much fertile grounds.


It can be mechanized  for the grape-harvest and even for all the other  interventions while the vine plants are growing; the pruning must be done by hand in order not to cut the productive vine shoots of the next year.


The Guyot lends itself expecially for the production of those grapes with high quality and with a high content of sugar. The excessive length of the head can provoke an irregular development of the first fruits, this could  make  become difficult  the achieving inside the plant  of a proper  contemporaneousness of the ripeness both from the sugary and especially  phenolic point of view.


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Guyot plants